A Tooth with a Bad Filling Needs Timely Treatment

Fillings are often used to repair chips and small cavities that form in tooth enamel. They are commonly made from artificial materials that are not susceptible to bacterial influence. Yet, poor oral hygiene can encourage the bacteria in your mouth to weaken the seam where dental adhesive bonds the filling to the healthy enamel.

If the bacteria manage to exploit the area, it could form a significant new cavity within the tooth. In a situation like this, you might see a gray color develop in the tooth near the filling. If the filling is on the side of a tooth, it might have a noticeable change in texture.

If a filling is going bad or if it falls out, you need to seek treatment at Wildwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to have it examined and repaired. Should you procrastinate treatment, a new cavity could slowly infiltrate the deeper layers of the tooth, leading to more significant complications.

A small filling that fails can sometimes be repaired by having a small amount of enamel removed and a large filling applied to it. If a large filling is lost or a significant amount of tooth enamel has been compromised, Dr. Michael O'Neill might need to restore the tooth with a dental crown.

If you have a problem with one of your dental fillings in Toledo, Ohio, you shouldn’t delay in calling (419) 536-9196 to have it treated at Wildwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.