Dental Veneers Can Give You a White and Easy to Maintain Smile

A bright, white smile free of discolored tooth enamel and physical imperfections can give you just the kind of boost you need in your social life and career. Many people in the Toledo, Ohio area who feel this way will consult with Dr. Michael O'Neill to find the best way to have a white smile that’s easy to maintain.

One of the most effective cosmetic dental options Dr. Michael O'Neill might recommend is to enhance the teeth visible in your smile with dental veneers. These are custom-made shells cast from a special dental-grade porcelain material in a professional dental lab.

Once they are cemented into place the veneers will look exactly like natural teeth. Only the special dental porcelain will not be as receptive to stains like natural tooth enamel. This means that a veneer-enhanced smile will maintain its gleam with ease.

If one or more of your teeth lacks sufficient, healthy enamel to secure a dental veneer, or you have a new cavity, Dr. Michael O'Neill might recommend a porcelain crown.

One the dental lab has completed your veneers, Dr. Michael O'Neill will cement them in place with a special dental adhesive. This will ensure a bond that lasts for many years to come

If you live in the Toledo, Ohio area and you are interested in enhancing your smile with dental veneers, we invite you to call (419) 536-9196to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael O'Neill.