Dentures and Your Smile

Life is a majestic story and we all have our chapter to play. However, as with all stories, it may be a roller coaster ride of feelings and sentiments with many ups and downs. In some cases, the wheel of fate does not always spin in our direction. As far as your oral health is concerned, teeth are not as durable as they may seem, and a single wrong blow is enough to wash all of your hard work caring for them straight down the drain. Fortunately, if you do lose any teeth, replacements can still allow you to have the full smile your mouth needs. One particular treatment option is dentures. Β 

Dentures are created to fill in gaps with your smile without the need for invasive surgery. They are held in place within your mouth with a dental cement or bonding substance. The hold is temporary, and dentures can be taken out on a nightly basis to be washed and sanitized.

Dentures do not need to be used to replace every last tooth in your mouth. Although dentures can be built for entire rows, which are called complete dentures, they can also be crafted to replace an absent tooth or two, known as partial dentures. No matter which denture treatment your mouth needs, consider getting lost teeth replaced as soon as possible.

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