Porcelain Crowns Are Often Employed in the Cosmetic Restoration of an Unappealing Tooth

Having an imperfect smile that has chips, discoloration or mismatched fillings can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. One of the best methods for treating a problem like this is to have your dentist, Dr. Michael O'Neill, cosmetically restore the tooth with a porcelain dental crown.

A dental crown in Toledo, Ohio, replicates the tooth enamel layer with a ceramic, porcelain cap that can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth in your smile. Sometimes your dentist will recommend having a dental bleaching treatment administered to whiten all of your teeth and adjust the shade of the crown accordingly. This will help improve the appearance of the tooth while cosmetically restoring your smile.

The process starts with your dentist using a drill to remove the entire enamel layer of the tooth. This leaves behind a post-like abutment that encases the pulp and root of the tooth.

A detailed impression will be made of the area, which will be sent to our dental lab. This will serve as a guide while the technician custom crafts a porcelain tooth to replicate the original. Then your dentist will secure a hard, plastic, temporary crown over the abutment to protect it.

When your new crown is ready, we will call you back in to have the temporary crown removed and your new crown cemented into place.

If you have a tooth in need of cosmetic restoration, you should call (419) 536-9196 to schedule an appointment at Wildwood Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.